Colleges that Offer iPads & Tablets to Students

Ipad for CollegeBelieve it or not, there are colleges and universities that provide iPads to students. While a laptop may seem like a better choice, the latest iPads are powerful enough to run word processing and note taking applications, as well as offering a much higher degree of portability to students on the go – a fact that students with a backpack full of books can appreciate!

Be sure to check the terms and conditions with the respective college that is providing the iPad. Some colleges offer them as long term loaners, while others give them away as a gift or once you graduate. Some colleges also offer heavy discounts or provide you with a choice of a laptop or iPad. Either way, all the colleges on our list provide you with an iPad to use while you’re in college – and that’s pretty cool!

If you’re looking for laptops specifically, visit our “online colleges that offer laptops” page.

List of Colleges and Universities That Provide iPads

We are continually adding to our list, so feel free to check back often. We highly recommend that you verify all the below information with the respective college providing the iPad for accuracy.

Bethel University

Bethel University offers iPads to all of it’s students that are enrolled either full time or online. According to sources, they allow you to keep the iPad after graduation, but we recommend to verify with a school rep before applying. It would also be wise to verify whether the cost of the iPad is rolled into the tuition, or if they are truly giving it away. Nonetheless, they do offer iPads!

Regis College

Regis College recently launched their iPad initiative, providing about 1,250 iPads to full time students. They rent the iPads from Apple directly, however they do allow you to turn the iPad in every 2 years to get an upgrade – how cool is that? What’s more, they allow you to keep the iPad after you graduate from Regis. Not bad!

Seton Hill University

Seton Hill University offers iPad Mini’s to all full time students enrolling in 2013-2014. Not only that, they provide all full-time first year undergraduate’s a 13″ Macbook Air – and they aren’t base model machines either. The Macbook Air’s come decked out with a core i7 and, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of flash storage. As if that wasn’t enough, they provide double cherries on top: they upgrade the iPad after 2 years AND they allow you to keep both iPad Mini / Macbook Air after graduating Seton Hill. More details about the program can be found on their Macbook & iPad page.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Taking a cost hit of $250,000 dollars, the Illinois Institute of Technology is giving away all incoming freshman an iPad. According to press releases, the cost of the iPad was not factored into tuition fees, essentially making the iPad a free gift to freshman. More information can be found on the original press release featured on NBC Chicago.

Georgia Fox University is offering incoming freshman the choice of receiving an iPad or a MacBook. It is unclear if the MacBook is an Air or Pro, but either option gives students a huge advantage. Our advice? Go with the Macbook, unless you already have one of course. Additional information can be found on the official Georgia Fox news release.

Oklahoma Christian University

OCU is the first university in the state of Oklahoma to offer a mobile device to all full time undergraduate students. Their offer is a bit tricky, as they are letting you choose between an iPhone or an iPod Touch. However, students can pay a small fee as an upgrade cost to receive an iPad – however we are unsure what that fee is or the details behind it. The latter does not seem as great as some of the other college’s offers, but consider this: full-time undergraduates also receive a MacBook laptop for enrolling. Not so bad after all, right? More details can be found on their Campus News and Announcements page.

Rochester College

Rochester College, located in the state of Michigan, is offering all incoming freshmen the choice of an Apple Macbook Pro or an iPad. In order to be eligible for an iPad/MacBook a student must be enrolled full time, not have more than 30 transfer credits, or be new to Rochester College. In order to take ownership of the iPad/MacBook the student needs to remain a fulltime student for at least 6 full semesters (not including summers), and sign the required iPad/MacBook program agreement. More details can be found on their undergrad admissions iPad/MacBook page.